Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This blog is based on what appears to be a very successful site for sociologists (http://socrumormill2007.blogspot.com/). It is intended to give psychology job seekers, and any other interested people, a place to discuss topics related to the academic job market.

The basic rules are (shamelessly stolen from sociology):
Please do not list individual's names
Please maintain a supportive, helpful environment
Feel free to share positive and negative job search/interviewing experiences

There are a few basic topics for discussion listed below. Please feel free to suggest additional topics. You can contribute to the conversation by adding "comments" on each topic. Note that all comments can (and probably should) be made anonymous.

Good luck to everyone!

Miscellaneous Discussion of This Year's Job Market

Information About Interviews and Status of Searches

Information about Job Offers/Hires

Interviewing Advice, Tips, & Experiences